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Zac Harmon is an award-winning guitarist, singer, and songwriter whose distinctive style continues the lineage of American Blues music. America’s classical music.  

Blues Revue called Harmon “a masterful musician and performer of the blues.”  Blues journalist Don Wilcock referred to his “Bobby Blue Bland uptown sophistication with a touch of Freddie King guitar.”  And JazzReview said, “With his big blues sound from Mississippi, Harmon can go toe to toe with some of the best blues men in the business. Please don’t be shy, go ahead and mention Harmon’s name in the same sentence with Bobby “Blue” Bland, Albert King and Bobby Rush—just to name a few.”   

Zac Harmon Mississippi BarBQ

Mississippi BarBQ

Catfood Records

Catfood Records announces award-winning blues singer-guitarist Zac Harmon’s label debut CD, Mississippi BarBQ. Produced by Grammy-winner Jim Gaines and recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, Mississippi BarBQ showcases 10 original songs, plus a killer cover of Dylan’s classic “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.”

Mississippi BarBQ is the most progressive effort from Zac to date. “For the first time in my career, I have had the opportunity to just be the best artist I can be at the guidance of a master producer” says Harmon. “On this new CD, I got a chance to work with The Rays, which is a group of studio musicians headed up by Bob Trenchard. The Rays are incredible, and they bring the best out of every song. I also got a chance to collaborate in the writing with Bob Trenchard and John Hahn. These great writers proved their worth on every song. My favorite is the title song, ‘Mississippi BarBQ,’ which was the brainchild of Bob Trenchard. One of my other favorites is ‘A Dollar Out of 15 Cents,’ which I wrote with John Hahn. This CD is top shelf.”

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Zac Harmon is a real-deal bluesman with killer guitar chops, solid songwriting skills, and the ultimate rhythm and blues voice.
- Rex Bartholomew - Blues Blast

The blues are alive and well. And Zac Harmon is proof positive! 
- Bill Fitzhugh

It takes a truly gifted artist to go in as many directions over the course of a single CD as Harmon does here and still retain a sense of coherence. For that alone, this is a pretty remarkable outing—but the real treat is the quality of the music itself, from beginning to end.
- Living Blues

With his big blues sound from Mississippi, Harmon can go toe-to-toe with some of the best blues men in the business.
- JazzReview

Zac Hamon Live

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