Floreada's Boy is a reflection of my 50 years of musical performance. From the juke joints of Mississippi to stages all over the world. Not bad for an old country boy.


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Floreada's Boy is the latest offering from award-winning musician, Zac Harmon. This new release on Catfood Records contains 12 new songs produced by Christopher Troy and Zac Harmon.

Special Guests:  Texas Horns, Caleb Quaye, Sue Ann Carwell and Munyungo Jackson.

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Interview with Zac Harmon

Michael Limnios
July 2024

"If history is important for the future of life, then the preservation of the blues makes that a reality. Society needs real music, and the blues is real music. It’s like chicken soup for soul." 
~Zac Harmon


BluesBlast Featured Interview - March 21, 2024

Zac Harmon
Making A Blues Legacy

During various points in our lives, many of us think about what kind of legacy we’ll leave behind and how we might someday be remembered. Blues musicians, particularly those with a long and colorful career, can point to the music they’ve created and recorded and the many gigs they’ve played as their lasting legacy. For bluesman Zac Harmon, who certainly has had a long and illustrious career as a musician, a songwriter, and a producer, however, his family, his roots, his music, and his enduring friendships are all key components to how he wants to be remembered both as a man and as a musician.  READ MORE

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Zac Harmon sits down with Mako Funasaka for an in-depth conversation on talkin' blues.

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